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Hot Popcorn Blend

Hot Popcorn Blend

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All the tasty goodness of our number one bestseller, now amped up! A pair of super hot peppers (scorpion and habanero, both organic) converge to add a bounty of flavorful heat to this all-purpose seasoning. 

Inspired By: Our most popular product, the original Popcorn Blend, now with a fiery kick of spice.

Tastes Like: Nutty, cheesy, garlicky plus a punch of scorpion pepper.

Try it On: Hawaiian pizza, homemade aioli, kale chips

Ingredients: San Juan Island Sea salt, nutritional yeast, organic dill, organic garlic, organic black pepper, organic chili flakes, organic scorpion chili, organic habanero, organic cayenne

Net wt. 3 oz in a glass jar. 

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