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Sink & Suds Dish Soap Gift Box

Sink & Suds Dish Soap Gift Box

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Sink & Suds Dish Soap is perfect for grease fighting and easy cleaning! This plastic free dish soap is good for the environment while still doing it’s job to clean the toughest of dirty dishes. Made with our goats milk recipe and scented with a lemon citrus essential oil, this bar soap will check all your boxes with a tight foam, gentle on hands and fresh scent.

This bar soap comes with a coconut fiber soap saver for easy, clean storage plus a bamboo scrub brush, all cozied up in a wood gift box! This makes it the perfect gift to give to those who love homemade soaps and who care about a plastic free future.

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut oil, canola oil, distilled water, lye (sodium hydroxide), mica colorant, essential oils and fragrance.


Handmade in Port Angeles, WA by Headwaters Homestead.



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