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EYE SPY Eco-Bamboo 5x Magnifying Glass

EYE SPY Eco-Bamboo 5x Magnifying Glass

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Discover the micro-habitats around us with the EYE SPY Eco-Bamboo 5x Magnifying Glass! This natural and sustainable bamboo frame houses a crystal -clear acrylic lens that lets you get 5x closer. Children love to explore and what better way than to get an up-close encounter. While they are playing, they'll be learning key skills like hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and of course finding a love for wildlife and nature.

* Natural, sustainable bamboo frame measuring 15 cm by 1.5 cm thick

* Acrylic, 8cm diameter, shatter-proof 5x lens

* Custom laser-engraved Wildlife logo on 7cm handle

* Leather hang strap for safe keeping & hanging

* Zero-plastic, recyclable packaging

* Perfect for curios kiddos Recommended to be used under adult supervision.

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